What We Do


Commercial-Industrial Bare Ground Weed Control


Do you have areas on your property where you don’t want anything growing at all? Our bare ground weed control service eliminates all vegetation in the applied area. 
For parking lots, we provide a crack and crevice service which kills or prevents vegetation from growing in gaps in the asphalt.

Aquatic, Invasive, and Noxious Weed Control


There are various types of weeds considered invasive or noxious by the Department of Agriculture. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Hyrdrilla
  • Bur Ragweed
  • Johnson Grass
  • Canada Thistle
  • Kudzu
  • Purple Loosestrife

Vegetation that falls into this category can have several negative impacts, specifically on the environment. They are also not limited to land; these harmful weeds can be both aquatic and non-aquatic. Our licensed herbicide applicators are specially trained to assist you in the control of these weeds, whether by land or by water. For more information on invasive and noxious plants, click here.

Rights-of-Way Tree Clearing


We have extensive experience and the necessary equipment to provide a clear path for rights-of-ways. We also provide tree trimming and general tree services including chipping and grinding.



Are you in need of mowing services? We have the equipment to tackle any size of area whether it be big or small.


If you are in need of any services that aren’t listed or have any questions then please contact us at 316.636.1199.